Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup the camera?
1. Download & Install Hubble Connect for VerveCam app on your smartphone for free at the App Store® or Google Play™.
2. Open the App.
3. Follow the in-app instructions to connect the Camera with your smartphone.
4. The Camera ID is printed on the back of the Camera. YOUR CAMERA’S DEFAULT PASSWORD IS “00000000”.
5. When connected, you will see the home screen.
How do I charge the battery?
Connect the power adapter to an electrical outlet and insert the plug into the micro-USB socket on the underside of the Camera. Only use the power adapter (5V 1A) with the micro USB plug. Note: If the Camera is OFF, the LED indicator lights up in red when charging and goes off when the battery is fully charged. It takes about 6 hours to fully charge the battery for the first time. You can continue to take photos or record videos when the Camera is charging. The Camera will issue a voice prompt to warn you that it is powering off when battery is low.
How do I transfer files from the camera to your computer?
Power on the Camera and make sure that the Camera is disconnected from Hubble Connect for VerveCam App. To disconnect the Camera from the App, you can close the App or turn off the Camera and turn it on again. Connect the Camera to your computer’s USB port. Your computer will recognize the Camera as a mass storage device. You can then drag and drop your files, just like other external devices. To exit mass storage mode, unplug the USB cable.