Frequently Asked Questions

How can I charge the Verve Cam+ ?
Connect the power adapter to an electrical outlet and insert the plug into the micro-USB socket on the underside of the Camera. Only use the power adapter (5V 1A) with the micro-USB plug.
Note: If the Camera is OFF, the LED indicator lights up in red when charging and goes off when the battery is fully charged. It takes about 6 hours to fully charge the battery for the first time. You can continue to take photos or record videos when the Camera is charging. The Camera will issue a voice prompt to warn you that it is powering off when battery is low.
What is the Time Lapse Video?
Time lapse function allows you to take a series of photographs at a certain preset interval within a specific period of time, so that you can create a seamless video footage by assembling the photos that were taken during that period of time. Time lapse function is useful for nature photography such as sun rise and cloud movements or for capturing busy scenes such as children running or rush-hour traffic. This function can only be selected in Hubble Connect for VerveCam app.
Is my camera waterproof?
It is waterproof. You can take shots in water up to a depth of 30m with the included IP68 waterproof sports case.