Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pair both of the earbuds with my device?
You can pair a single earbud (mono) for voice calls or pair both for earbuds for stereo music experience.
How do I charge the earbuds & the case?
The Motorola Stream Sport earbuds come with a portable case. Charging your earbuds: To charge the earbuds, put them into the charging case. The blue LEDs show that they are charging. Charging Your Charging Case: Plug the charging cable into the micro USB port at the back of the case. Red LED lights until the fully charged.
How can I reset?
To reset your device (and at the same time clear the pairing history) please do the following:
1. Switch on the headset and make sure it does not connect with the phone.
2. Press MFB AND Vol- at the same time for 4 seconds.
3. Now the pairing history is reset. Please note that you need to repeat the above process for both Left and Right Earbud but one at a time.