Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Motorola Dream Machine work?
The Dream Machine is designed to offer an easy solution to help lull your baby to sleep by creating a cosy environment with soothing sound and dreamy images. What’s more, it can detect and monitor the room temperature and humidity, so that you will be notified when your baby cries or the room temperature and humidity go beyond the set range.
The Dream Machine works with your Android™ or iOS smart device through Smart Nursery App so that you can effortlessly control the Dream Machine.
How do I download the app for Android™ and iOS devices?
• Open the Google Play on your Android™ device
• Select Search Type in "Hubble Connect for Smart Nursery"
• The results will show the Hubble Smart Nursery App
Which are the functions available through the Hubble app?
• Temperature Display
• Relative Humidity Display
• Lightshow Projection
• Mood Light
• Audio Monitoring and 2-Way communication mode
• Audio Monitoring On/Off
• Music
• 2-Way Communication
• Detected Sound Record; Menu: Triggers/ Notifications/ Settings