Frequently Asked Questions

How does Babysense work?
"Babysense" continually detects the baby's motion and breathing movements, and will set off a sound and visual alarm if movement stops for 20 seconds or if the breathing rate slows to below 10 breaths per minute if the baby's breathing. The system's non-touch sensor pads under the mattress monitor baby's movement without restraining him.
How can I test that the product is working properly?
• Turn device on and take two steps back from bed.
• Ensure the alarm goes off within 20 seconds (due to absence of breathing movements).
• The alarm may sound with or without preliminary ticking.
• Check the alarm can be heard in all locations throughout the home or place of care.
• The performance test must be conducted daily.
• The performance test should be conducted while the baby is not in bed.
What age range of infants is Babysense designed for?
"Babysense" is a home breathing movement monitor for basically healthy infants up to one year of age, and is not to be relied on for use with high-risk infants requiring constant medical supervision.