Frequently Asked Questions

Is the signal between the Parent Unit and the Baby Unit secure?
Yes, the signal transmitted between the baby unit and parent unit is digitally secure and therefore safe from unauthorized access.
How can I use the parent unit with a Lanyard?
A lanyard is supplied as an additional wearable option for the parent unit other than the belt clip. Follow the steps below for installing the lanyard:
A. Open the battery door of the parent unit.
B. Hook the string loops of the lanyard over the plastic catches inside the battery compartment as shown in the diagram.
C. Make sure the 2 string loops sit properly over the 2 plastic catches.
D. Close the battery door.
E. Open/Close the Lanyard Lock.
• Pull with force to open the lock.
• Push to close the lock.
How do I adjust the belt clip to use it as a stand or how do I turn the stand into a belt clip?
1. Lift up the belt clip and rotate it clockwise until you hear a click for the stand or desk mount.
2. Lift up the belt clip and rotate it counterclockwise until you hear a click for the belt clip.