Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of LED flashing?
A blinking LED indicates the following status:
Slow blinking: 1. Your Camera is in setup mode. You can add the Camera to your account in this mode. Out of the box, the Camera is in setup mode. To reset to setup mode, press and hold the PAIR button on the bottom of the Camera until you hear a beep.
Slow blinking: 2. The Camera is either connecting to the router or lost the link to the router. Please ensure that the Camera is in the Wi-Fi® signal range. LED is stable: The Camera is connected to the Wi-Fi® network.
How can I change my account information?
If you would like to change your Hubble email address, please follow the below steps:
• Go to
• Once logged in, go to Account (Head icon);
• Tap the option "Change your email address or password";
* Make sure to fill out your password;
* And then your new email address (twice) and click submit.
If you would like to change your Hubble User Name: Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your Username. You can change registered the email address and password only. If you'd rather use a different Username you could consider to create a new account. Note that you will not be able to recycle the email address you are using currently.
Which platforms are supported for accessing my camera?
At least 0.6 Mbps upload bandwidth per camera (you can test your internet speed on this site: For more information, please visit: